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Is a Serviced Apartment Right for You?

If you’re traveling to Sydney, you’re likely looking for accommodations for your stay. Sydney is a wonderful city, and there are all sorts of accommodations available. One type of accommodation that many people don’t consider, however, is the serviced apartment. Or, if they think of serviced apartments, they assume that they’re terribly costly and only suited for business travelers on large corporate budgets. But, in reality, serviced apartments are suited for many different types of travelers.

In order to determine if a serviced apartment is right for you, there are some things you need to consider:

Would you prefer a kitchen? Traditional hotels aren’t equipped with full kitchens, which can be inconvenient for many travelers. Even if you plan to take full advantage of all of Sydney’s great restaurants while you’re in town, it can be very convenient to have a kitchen for when you need it. Serviced apartments offer full kitchens equipped with appliances, dinnerware and cookware. Even if you don’t cook, you can keep refrigerated drinks and snacks handy for use at your apartment.

Will you need to do laundry? Traditional hotels often make laundry inconvenient, with the only option available being sending your clothes out for cleaning, which can get expensive. Serviced apartments typically offer on site laundry facilities, and some even have washers and dryers in the apartments themselves. But, if you still prefer to send your laundry out, their staff can help you with that, too.

Will you be entertaining? Entertaining guests in a traditional hotel room can be cramped and uncomfortable. But, furnished apartments offer living rooms to provide comfort and space, even enough for visitors.

What’s your budget? While it’s true that serviced apartments can be a bit more expensive on a per night basis than traditional hotels, they often still are more cost effective overall than traditional hotels, particularly for longer stays. Travelers who stay in Sydney apartments are likely to spend less on food, laundry and other sundry expenses than those who stay in hotels. In addition, serviced apartment type hotels make it easier for business travelers to get work done, since they have enough room to set up some workspace right in their apartment, often eliminating the need for office space elsewhere in the city. And, serviced apartments make perfect sense for large families, who would otherwise need to rent more than one hotel room to accommodate their party.

Only you can decide if a serviced apartment is right for your stay in Sydney. But, rest assured, there are many such accommodations that can fit your needs and your budget. In addition, you’ll find serviced apartments available all over Sydney, so you can be located in exactly the best location for your visit, whether it’s downtown near the shopping and nightlife, or in the suburbs near a business location. As you’re exploring your visit to Sydney and evaluating accommodations for your stay, be certain to consider some of Sydney’s serviced apartments. You’re likely to find that they offer exactly what you need for your visit.

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