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Reducing Holiday Trip Costs by Staying in Apartment Hotels in Sydney

Savvy tourists have quickly caught on to the fact that apartment hotels in Sydney offer much better value for money than standard hotel rooms.

After all, no matter where in the world you travel, a standard hotel room is simply that – standard. Even a luxury hotel room is generally not much more than a standard room with a couple of additional features like a bath tub or a king size bed or occasionally a small sitting area to relax.

But all in all, a hotel room comes with the basics and that’s about as far as it goes.

On the other hand, an apartment hotel offers its guests a virtual home away from home, and in most cases for around the same price you would pay for your average hotel style accommodation.

Not convinced? Let’s have a look at some of the basic features offered in most apartment hotels in Sydney and why you get much better value for your holiday dollar:

  • Apartment hotels generally contain separate bedrooms, unless you choose a studio apartment. Most holiday apartments in Sydney offer anywhere from 1 to 3 bedrooms.

This can save you money if you need to accommodate a large family. Quite often, costs rise considerably in standard hotels if you require more than one double size bed, or worse, if you have to pay for more than one room to fit the entire family.

  • Perhaps the biggest money saving feature is that an apartment hotel in Sydney generally contains a fully functional kitchen with all standard appliances.

Anyone who has ever traveled will know that one of the largest expenses in the holiday budget is meals, particularly if you have children to feed and water.

Even if Mum wants to take a holiday from all the cooking duties, preparing simple breakfasts, mid-morning snacks or a couple of rounds of sandwiches to munch on during your holiday adventures can save you a fortune.

What’s more, with a normal sized fridge, you can stack away cold drinks for the kids, fruit and vegetables, and perhaps a bottle of wine or two for the adults without having to pay exorbitant mini-bar prices.

And if your holiday in Sydney is for more than a day or two, what’s wrong with buying a frozen pizza from the local supermarket that can be quickly heated in the oven as an evening meal? After all, you are on holidays and an occasional pizza is all part of the fun, isn’t it? Besides, a frozen pizza is certainly a heck of a lot cheaper than a family size pizza from the Italian restaurant just down the street.

  • Most apartment hotels also have in-house laundry facilities, so coping with the family’s washing is a breeze. You don’t have the cost and inconvenience of trying to locate a Laundromat or worse still, trying to do the washing in the bathroom sink.
  • Have you ever been away on a holiday where your hotel room has been so small you’ve felt the urge to stay out all day just so you don’t have to return to that pokey little pigeon-hole?

Apartment hotels tend to be far more spacious than the average hotel room, and generally have a separate living area where you can relax in comfort without feeling like you’ve been cramped into a shoe-box.

So there’s no need to feel like you have to spend the entire day out-of-doors because you have no alternative. And that means you don’t have to waste money on entertaining the family just because you can’t bear the thought of returning to your room.

Your apartment hotel will be your haven after a hard day’s holiday making. Watch a DVD, go for a swim or sit on the balcony and enjoy the expansive views across the Sydney skyline – all these delights and more are available, depending on the type of Sydney holiday accommodation you choose.

Now you’re convinced that staying in apartment hotels in Sydney can beat the holiday budget blow-out, all you have to do is round up the family and head to the city that’s got it all – Sydney.

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