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5 Useful Tips For Enjoying a Trip to Sydney With Small Children

When travelling with small children it is important to take their needs into account before you leave home. Plan your trip for road or plane and think about the best places to stay to suit all members of the family well in advance. Serviced apartments in Sydney are an ideal form of accommodation if you have small children and will help them feel at home.

There is plenty of room for everyone and having a kitchen area to prepare breakfast and quick meals will give a sense of home away from home with the daily chores being done for you. Accommodation close to the CBD will mean easy access to all the main points of interest in the city and surrounding harbours.

Here are five useful tips to help you relax and enjoy the trip and your stay in Sydney even with small children.

  1. Planning ahead of time
  2. The more prepared you are the easier it will be for everyone. Involve the children in each step of the planning stage so they know where they are going, how they are getting there and what to expect. Book as much as you can in advance such as travel fares, accommodation, day trips and activities.

  3. Travel activities
  4. Make sure you have plenty of activities to keep everyone amused. If you’re travelling by plane or other public transport, pack a selection of puzzles, games and books in your carry on luggage or have a bag for each child to look after. For a road trip singing songs and playing ‘I Spy’ will hopefully help to pass the time not just for the children but the parents as well..

  5. Keeping the routine
  6. Children can become unsettled if there is an upset to their routine but sticking to some of the daily rituals such as meal and bed times can help maintain a sense of normality. Travelling anywhere by car for any length of time will be benefited by stopping often for exercise at a park or way side bay. This will assist to create a distraction and break up the boredom.

  7. Arrange for babysitting
  8. Many of the serviced apartments in Sydney provide babysitting facilities so be sure to take advantage of the service if you want an evening out with your partner or have other activities planned not suited to children.

  9. Suitable outings
  10. Plan outings appropriate to the ages of the children. Alternate the sightseeing for the adults with taking them to amusement parks or to the zoo. The Sydney Aquarium at Darling Harbour provides hours of enjoyment for all ages with its underwater display of fish, sharks, turtles and dugongs.

Travelling with small children can be tiresome especially if they are usually active in their daily routines at home. Some careful planning and booking ahead wherever possible will go a long way in making your trip to Sydney a pleasurable experience.

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