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Top 8 Hotel Amenities in Extended Stay Apartment Buildings in Sydney

For your next extended stay in Sydney look for the apartment buildings that provide the best amenities to make your time as easy and comfortable as possible. If you are going to book on line search the web for, long stay apartments Sydney , and check the services and facilities available in the complexes near the CBD or your work commitments.

  1. Apartments with full size kitchens
  2. An apartment with a decent sized kitchen to prepare meals is important if you are staying away from home for any length of time. Dining in restaurants for lunch and dinner can prove to be incredibly expensive. Having a kitchen with full cooking facilities will also give a sense of that home away from home feeling.

  3. Daily servicing
  4. Apartment buildings that offer daily servicing will allow you more time to get on with business making your stay easier and more comfortable. After a day in the city coming home to a neatly made bed and clean and tidy bathroom will improve your mood instantly.

  5. In house entertainment
  6. Television, video and DVD access will help pass the time and keep you informed of world news, current affairs and sporting events.

  7. Gym
  8. The best apartments in Sydney will have a gym or fitness centre on the complex. It is important to keep up your fitness routine while you are away especially if you are spending long days in board rooms or sitting at a computer. Stretches and work outs will improve circulation and help retain a sense of well being.

  9. Pools and spas
  10. Making time for leisure and maintaining your activity levels will be a bonus. It may seem the longer you are away from home the harder it is to relax but having a pool or spa on site where you are staying will make up for the inconvenience of being away from family and friends.

  11. Private laundry
  12. Apartments that come equipped with washing machine and clothes dryer will make the job so much easier and cut down the time required to do the laundry.

  13. Separate baths and showers
  14. There is nothing more annoying than stepping over a bath to get into a shower. Apartments that offer separate baths are well worth it as this can become tedious and dangerous.

  15. Private balconies
  16. Private balconies are a wonderful way to wind down at the end of the day. Have a pre dinner drink and nibbles or start the morning with coffee and a view of the city. If you are in Sydney on business and find yourself stuck in air-conditioned buildings most of the time, having a balcony where you are staying will surely be appreciated.

Gone are the days of limited accommodation in hotel and motels. In Sydney there are so many different types of places to stay it makes sense to be somewhere that offers all the top modern conveniences.

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