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5 Ways For Enjoying the Views of Sydney City and Harbour

Whether you are in Sydney for a weekend or an extended stay, make sure you get the most of the views the city has to offer. Serviced apartments in Sydney have been designed with this in mind and have a variety of city or harbour view rooms. A short walk or ride from your accommodation can provide additional ways to make the most of this cosmopolitan city.

  1. Dining at Circular Quay
  2. Take in all the sights of Sydney with views of the bridge, opera house and lights of the city for your evening dining experience. Award winning restaurants specialising in seafood and international cuisine are positioned to make the most of alfresco dining with exceptional outlooks. During the day you can marvel at the vessels on the harbour and watch the walkers climb the Sydney Harbour bridge. At night the glow of the opera house hints at the majestic beauty within.

  3. Bridge walk or take the stairs
  4. For the healthy and fit, the bridge walk is worth every step. Tour guides will take you on an adventure to the top of the bridge for a panoramic view of the harbour and city. There are three types of climbs and the time schedule includes dawn, day, twilight and evening walks. You can reach the summit in just over two hours with the express climb or delve into the engineering excellence with the discovery climb.

  5. Mrs Macquarie’s Chair
  6. Next to the CBD with a view back to the Opera House and Kirribilli across the harbour, you’ll find Mrs Macquarie’s Chair. The chair was carved out of a rock ledge for the Governor’s wife who enjoyed the panoramic views of the harbour 150 years ago. The site is available at no charge for tourists to enjoy today.

  7. Sydney Monorail
  8. The monorail travels above the commotion of the city giving great views of Sydney and beyond. Through Chinatown and above George Street the high speed monorail is an easy and convenient mode of transport. Strategically placed stops along the way give access from Sydney apartments and any of the top sight seeing attractions or at the entertainment centre of Darling Harbour for an international dining experience on the water front. The carriages come along in intervals of three to five minutes making this the quickest way to see the sights.

  9. Sydney Tower Restaurant
  10. The Sydney Tower Restaurant has a fantastic menu that changes daily with a selection of seafood including Sydney Rock Oysters and prawns. Taking advantage of fresh produce there will always be roasted meats, Mediterranean and international cuisine to choose from. The restaurant offers more than 360 degree views of the city, spectacular by day or night. Patron testimonials report the service is as impeccable as the food.

When you book your accommodation, ask for a room with a view to make the most of your time in the city. Pre-dinner drinks on the balcony will reveal the different shades and shadows of the city as the sun goes down and the lights come on.

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