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Meeting the Corporate Traveller’s Needs

The fast growth in the hospitality sector is largely due to increasing travel, tourism and globalisation of business and commerce. There are two types of travellers. The first are those who travel for leisure. The majority of travellers however are business executives who travel for work. Tourists and business travellers have very different needs, thus, a hotel that is ranked highly by tourists may not be ideal for a business executive. Picking an appropriate hotel for a business traveller can be fairly tricky. For one, there is stiff competition in the business travel market and what works for one business traveller may not work for another. Having said that, there are some basic requirements that hotels should meet.

1. Information

More often than not, corporate travellers are after very different information from tourists. Instead of asking about local attractions, they ask questions about making copies of documents, renting temporary offices, hiring language translators, buying computer equipment etc. A good hotel will have this information readily available. If the hotel can make these arrangements for the corporate traveller, it scores major brownie points. Thus, it is extremely important for a hotel to have a good, well-informed and helpful concierge on hand.

2. A Well Fitted Business Lounge

Computers, high-speed Internet, printers, fax machines, tables and chairs, good lighting and telephone connections are all top priorities for business travellers. These travellers are here to conduct business and they need a space that is conducive for work. A hotel that cannot provide a well fitted, 24-hour business lounge with all these facilities as well as the necessary gadgets and accessories is simply not ready to house a corporate guest.

3. A No-Nonsense Room

For short stays, time and expediency are two of the most important things to a corporate traveller. Hotels need to provide these travellers with a quick and efficient check-in, a comfortable no-nonsense room with a good shower and speedy laundry services.

4. Comfort and Leisure

On the other hand, what a hotel needs to provide for a business traveller who is staying for more than a week could be quite different. In this case, a good hotel is one that not only provides an adequate business lounge but leisure facilities as well. To a long-staying business traveller, comfort is likely to be more important and this is where leisure facilities come in. Gyms, swimming pools and spa treatments are major plus points because these travellers want both a workspace and a living space. After a long day at work, these guests look forward to taking some time out to relax and a hotel should be able to provide a balance between work and play.

Today, when one thinks about corporate living, the first thing that comes to mind is a serviced apartment. What began as basic lodging services for business travellers has become a worldwide industry. These long stay apartments offer unparalleled comfort and amenities for corporate travellers. There are numerous serviced apartments in Sydney to choose from they offer the best of both worlds – the comfort of a home with the luxuries of a hotel. Corporate living is no longer limited to space and lodging, it has become a lifestyle.

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