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Tips for Planning Your First Australian Holiday

Australia is consistently voted among the world’s top travel destinations for overseas visitors and it is easy to see why. This huge country has so much to offer, from stunning natural wonders to dusty outback towns, from tropical rainforests to paradise islands and from ancient cultures to glorious beaches. It is also home to one of the world’s great cities, one that is perfectly geared up for tourists as well. The huge choice of Sydney serviced apartments and hotels makes it easy for visitors to enjoy this beautiful, vibrant and exciting city.


The first thing to remember when planning your trip to Australia is that it is a huge country. This may seem obvious but you really do need to keep it at the forefront of your mind when putting together an itinerary. There are wonderful attractions all over the country, but unless you have a very long time for your trip the distances involved make it impractical to try to see them all in one visit. Instead you will need to prioritise. The classic first timers trip is known in the travel industry as ‘Sydney, Reef and Rock’. Even this itinerary requires travelling some big distances between Ayers Rock in central Australia, Sydney in the South East of the country, and the Great Barrier Reef further north. Visiting these three spectacular locations will give you a hugely varied Aussie experience and by resisting the temptation to add in several more destinations you can do them justice without becoming exhausted and jaded by too much travel.


Australia is famous for its hot sunny weather so it might seem strange to pick out the climate as a factor in planning your trip down under. It is certainly true that it is always a great time to visit at least part Australia, but the weather can be variable and extreme so it is important to factor the seasons into your planning. For example, the tropical north can be uncomfortably hot and humid in summer, not to mention prone to cyclones, but it is the perfect place to visit when places such as Tasmania and Victoria, in the south of the country, are in the depths of winter.


Accommodation plays a very big role in determining the success of any holiday. If you are not comfortable where you are staying, or you find yourself a long way away from the attractions you wish to visit, it can colour your whole experience, so this is an area you need to plan well. Location is obviously an important factor in determining the right option for you. Think about what you are planning to do in each of your destinations and pick the right spot accordingly. For example, if you are planning to spend all your time surfing on Sydney’s beaches you would do well to look for accommodation in areas such as Bondi or Coogee. If you are more interested in checking out sights such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, and enjoying the atmosphere of this wonderful city, you would be better off staying in the CBD. Fortunately Australia is extremely well served for tourist accommodation. You will find a huge variety of Sydney apartments and hotels, and many other popular tourist areas are almost as well served. Even in remote locations you will often find a motel or a pub with a few rooms available. Just make sure you check in advance before setting out on a road trip in the outback.

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