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Ring in the New Year in Sydney

Every year, as we wave farewell to the year that has been and welcome the new one, the main symbol of New Year’s Eve in Australia is the fireworks over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The following day, we’re shown images from around the world, and Sydney’s celebrations are always firmly rooted in the New Year’s tradition across the world. If you’re thinking of seeing in the new year in Sydney this summer, we’ve got all the tips you need to plan the perfect getaway. It may seem a little soon, planning your New Year’s eve six months beforehand, but Sydney serviced apartments and hotel rooms book up incredibly quickly, and once you’ve seen the fireworks display and felt the buzz of the city, you’ll know why.

Planning Your Vantage Point

The foreshores of Sydney harbour all over the city fill up with revellers from the morning of New Year’s Eve, all of whom are trying to stake out a good vantage point from which to view the fireworks display. Our advice is to choose somewhere with shade, shelter, access to food and drink (which shouldn’t be a problem as the food vendors are usually out in force to cash in on the crowds) and most importantly, toilets. There’s entertainment at various spots in the city and if you get a group of friends together, lay down a picnic blanket and settle in for a day of sunshine and fun, you’ll be in prime position come nightfall to catch the light show.


Be aware that a lot of roads are blocked off during New Year’s Eve celebrations in Sydney, especially those roads leading to vantage points. It’s really not worth taking your car unless absolutely necessary, so use public transport instead. Taxis are also a bit of a nightmare on New Year’s Eve, so if you can, map out your nearest train and bus routes and use these where possible.


It can get very hot in Sydney during summer, so if you are planning on staying outside all day you need to prepare. Heatstroke, sunburn and dehydration are all very real threats, exacerbated when alcohol is involved (as it often is on a holiday!). Make sure you prevent hazards and make the most of your time by taking the proper sun and heat precautions.

If you’re looking at Sydney apartments and your main objective is to see the fireworks display, don’t think that the city is your only option. The North Shore and Eastern Suburbs also have a range of waterfront accommodation which can give you a front row seat to the action without having to brave the crowds. Get a group of friends together and head to the harbour city for a night you won’t soon forget.

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