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3 of the Best Accommodation Options for the Business Traveller

When you are travelling for business, your accommodation is important. Rather than demanding luxuries for the sake of pretension or greed, there are features that are important to and necessary to fulfil the needs of business travellers.

Much preparation, concentration, planning and strategising takes place wherever a business person stays and it is also vital that the accommodation chosen provides a quiet, peaceful and comfortable place to recover and re-energise before another day of business.

While there are a number of different accommodation options for the business traveller working in Sydney, some are more suitable and preferable than others. Here we examine three of the best of these options:

#1: Serviced apartments

Serviced apartments in Sydney are by far the most popular accommodation option for business travellers and for good reason. Apartments in Sydney allow the business traveller a variety of self-service options which are completely appropriate and appreciated by many professionals who, at the end of a hard and busy day, appreciate being left to their own devices

Serviced apartments are frequently spacious and well arranged; this space and the amenities included matter to business people who desire the comforts of home and a significant amount of space in which to work.

Generally, such apartments in Sydney are well located and this allows business people to reach the locations of meetings and the office easily and efficiently. Additional facilities commonly provided in serviced apartments, such as: gyms, swimming pools, spas, restaurants and bars, are also convenient and help professional people to take a break and relax or enjoy a quality meal.

#2: Hotels

Many high quality hotels that are part of internationally recognised hotel groups are located in Sydney. Traditional and modern options are available and, as with serviced apartments, many are conveniently located to the CBD and close to transport options.

Business travellers will appreciate some of the features of Sydney’s best hotels and the quality of the products offered in the rooms, but will quite likely miss the superior space found in apartments. Professionals also find it necessary to spend more time outside of their rooms for meals because hotel rooms do not have kitchen facilities and other comforts of home that are commonplace in serviced apartments.

Hotels remain a popular option for business travellers but often carry the disadvantage of being more expensive per night than serviced apartments in Sydney.

#3: Motels

Less common in Sydney city (and certainly less popular with business people) are motels. Motel accommodation typically provides car parking with direct access from the guest’s room and while this can be appreciated by many guests, it is usually less important to business people who fly in for work and use taxis or other forms of transport while staying in the city. Given this, it is no surprise that motels are a rarity in the centre of the city and are most often located in the suburbs and beyond.

Motel accommodation is often affordable and can offer some self-service possibilities, but is not frequently the accommodation of choice for business people.

In Sydney, there is an extensive range of accommodation options available. Serviced apartments represent the most appropriate and comfortable type of accommodation for professionals as they are well located, designed with features that appeal to and are appreciated by business people and offer excellent value for money.

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