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3 Reasons Why Location Matters When Choosing Accommodation

When you are getting away for a holiday or are travelling for business, your accommodation matters. And, just as significantly, the location of your accommodation matters. Staying in high quality accommodation, such as a serviced apartment in Sydney , can really make your trip and when you choose fabulous accommodation in a perfect location…you have the ultimate ingredients for an incredible holiday!

Here we take a look at three reasons why choosing accommodation in a great location in Sydney is so important.
#1:  For people that travel to Sydney for business purposes, chances are that most (if not all) of their meetings and dealings will take place in the city. It is incredibly common for professionals to fly into Sydney and use taxis or public transport to reach their accommodation and business commitments such as meetings in the city.

Apartments in Sydney are understandably a popular choice for business travellers. Accommodation of this type is generally of the highest quality and provides guests with space, self-service opportunities and an extensive range of facilities and amenities that make their stay enjoyable and conducive to their needs.

Typically, serviced apartments in Sydney are well located – close to the CBD and other key attractions and features of this dynamic city. Location is important to business travellers as they do not need to be hindered by transport difficulties and the need to travel great distances. Being successful in business is largely about being efficient and staying in a well-located and well-appointed serviced apartment in Sydney makes the experience of the business person all the more enjoyable and successful.

#2:  It will come as no surprise that Sydney is one of the world’s most popular destinations with people from all over the world. Many people come to Australia with images of Sydney’s most iconic features – the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and the wide mouth of Luna Park – firmly etched in their minds.

Regardless of whether tourists come from near or far, they want to be accommodated within easy reach of the city’s most popular and amazing tourist attractions. Similarly, most desire accommodation that allows them to be relatively self-sufficient and with many of the comforts of home, while still being comfortable and able to enjoy a little luxury.

Serviced apartments in Sydney fulfil all criteria. They feature kitchens, laundry facilities and space as well as high quality products, services and amenities. Most importantly, they are generally well located and accessible to so many of the city’s most incredible and sought after features and sights. Many of these can be reached on foot, but otherwise a range of efficient transport options are available – from trains that run frequently to highly enjoyable scenic ferry rides.

Like business travellers, people who travel to Sydney for a holiday do not want to be stressed or inconvenienced by staying in an undesirable location or one that makes it hard to get out and about and really make the most of their time in Sydney.

#3:  No traveller wants to unnecessarily waste money on travel and transport costs because they are staying well away from the action. Being so far removed can also make a business person or tourist feel too far away from the heart of the city and lead them to not only feel isolated but have a view that logistics are difficult in Sydney.

When researching the options for accommodation in Sydney, it is incredibly important to prioritise location and accessibility to the city and its most popular areas. Serviced apartments in Sydney represent a great choice as they not only provide a range of helpful services and amenities, they are typically well located and on the doorstep of some of the highlights of this great city.

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