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Taking Your Toddler on Their First Holiday

The thought of travelling with your toddler can seem a little daunting. You aren’t sure how they’ll react to the long car trip, or perhaps you’re more worried about them having a tantrum in a restaurant? Whatever it is, there’s plenty you can do to ensure everyone has a great holiday. From choosing the best family friendly apartments Sydney has to offer to packing plenty of things for your toddler to play with, we’ve got some great tips for ensuring everyone has a wonderful time:

  • Bring plenty of diversions with you – It’s important that during your travelling time you give your toddler plenty to play with. Buy them a new toy before the trip and only give it to them when you are leaving. Also, if you have a portable DVD player, pack their favourite movies so they can watch them during the car ride.
  • Have plenty of snacks and drinks – You don’t want to have to keep stopping every 5 minutes to get the food and drink out of the back of the car. Make sure you have plenty for your little one to eat and drink by keeping a bag of refreshments in the front with you.
  • On-site facilities where you are staying – If there is a chance that you may want your child minded one evening or for a few hours one day of the trip, make sure there is an in-house babysitting facility where you are staying. It’s much more convenient for you and your child if you can have them minded on site.
  • Being mindful of their curiosity – Toddlers are curious of new places, things and smells. This is why you need to always be looking for possible hazards that may pop up such as pools without fences and steep staircases.
  • Listening to your toddler – Your little one at this point is able to communicate with you and let you know if they need anything, what they are feeling and if they don’t feel well. If you are out with your toddler and they are looking tired or not feeling well, it’s best to head back to your room so they can have a rest. Learning to pick up on potential triggers for tantrums can help you avoid them.
  • Booking your accommodation – Make sure that when you book your accommodation, you have everything you need to make your toddler comfortable. Staying in one of the serviced apartments Sydney has to offer is a great way to ensure that you have a kitchen and enough room to set up any toys and activities for your child.

Taking your toddler on their very first holiday is exciting. No doubt you’ll be wanting to take heaps of photographs as you watch them explore and play in new surrounds. As long as you prepare for the trip and take notice of the mood changes of your child, you both should end up enjoying a wonderfully stress free trip, full of fond memories you’ll have for a lifetime.

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