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Your Family Holiday Shopping List

Whether you are staying in the best serviced apartments Sydney has to offer, or are roughing it by taking your family on a camping trip to a local nature reserve, there are a few things that are a must for your last minute shopping list:

Antibacterial wipes/gel

It’s always a good idea to carry a small handy packet of antibacterial wipes with you wherever you go. This will ensure that if you get something to eat while you’re taking in the sights, you don’t necessarily have to find a bathroom to wash your hands. And if it’s summer time ice cream is more than likely going to be on the menu and these wipes will come in handy after eating as well.

If you are camping, these wipes are invaluable for so many reasons too, especially when you aren’t near a running tap you can use to clean hands and faces.


No matter what kind of holiday you are taking the family on, keeping the kids from breaking point by making sure you always have some snacks on hand is a very good idea. If you are camping, you will most likely be doing lots of fun outdoor activities, so you and your kids will need to keep energy levels up with things like muesli bars. If you’re seeing the sights in a major city, grabbing a snack from a convenience store, when you eventually find one can end up being very expensive. Keep at least a few items in your handbag or backpack each day to keep the whole gang happy.

Water bottles

While bottled water is great, it’s not recommended that you refill the bottles, which can be rather inconvenient and a waste of plastic. Instead, opt for purchasing a quality drink bottle for everyone so that it can be refilled at any time. Whether you are hiking mountains or spending the day on tour buses, you’ll need to stay well hydrated. Making sure every one’s drink bottle is full before you leave each morning is better than having to constantly look for places to purchase bottled water from.


Sometimes we don’t even realise when we are exposing our skin to the sun. Moreover, a lot of people don’t realise that it’s important to reapply sunscreen every few hours, especially if you are spending the entire day outside. A bad sunburn can mean a holiday has to be cut short, or someone might even miss out on the rest of the trip because they’re too sore. If you have really young children, you can buy sunscreen specifically designed for children’s skin. You’d be surprised how much sunscreen you’ll go through each day so make sure you buy a large bottle or a few for good measure. Better to have too much, than not enough.

Whether you are staying in the most luxurious apartments Sydney has to offer, or are taking your family bush for the week, there are some important things to pack, regardless of your holiday destination. I hope our list of tips has given you some useful suggestions for some important additions to your last minute shopping list, before you embark on your family holiday.

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