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Romantic Weekend in Sydney on a Shoestring

First and foremost lets start off by saying that if you are taking her to Sydney for the weekend, you’re already as romantic as they come in her books. But how do you maintain the love without spending all your cash? From booking your accommodation in the best apartments Sydney has to offer, to knowing where the very best spots are for a romantic stroll at dusk, we’ve got all the tips you don’t want to miss:

Plan the weekend in advance

While you don’t want to pack too many things in to the weekend, it’s a good idea to plan the weekend in advance so that you don’t end up incurring unnecessary fees. If you know she wants to go to a specific place such as the zoo or aquarium, look online for booking over the net or holiday specials you might be able to buy before you leave.

Your Sydney friends will know the best hot spots

If you are lucky enough to have a few mates living in Sydney, ask them about the best picnic spots and places to go for great cheap eats. Locals always know the best places that aren’t always advertised and taking her to one of these places is sure to impress her no end. Find out what are the best places to view the bridge at sunset and pack a picnic to share as the sun goes down.

Bring the essentials

You don’t want to be looking for a great place to buy chocolates at 10pm on a Friday night. Bring everything you think you’ll need that will add that little extra something to the trip. Whether it be her favourite bubble bath or bottle of her favourite wine, these are things that you can organise before your trip so not only will you not have to be frantically searching when you arrive, but you also won’t pay extra.

Booking the right accommodation

Let’s be honest, you want to book nice accommodation, because that’s probably where you will be spending most of your time. Staying in one of the centrally located serviced apartments Sydney has to offer not only means that you are close to everything, so you can walk to all of the major sites, but it also means that you will have a kitchen and other facilities, so you can eat in and enjoy each other’s company in private whilst saving money on lavish dinners out. Cooking her a candlelight dinner in your apartment while she sips champagne is much more romantic and intimate than taking her out for a large meal that could cost you hundreds.

The more you cook for her, the less you will spend during the day, so serving her breakfast in bed is not only a romantic gesture but a money saver too.

Taking someone special on a romantic weekend to Sydney doesn’t have to cost you the earth. If you know where to take her, and how to indulge her for less, you’ll not only both thoroughly enjoy the weekend, but you won’t go over budget either.

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