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Tips for Travelling to Big Events in Sydney

Sydney hosts some of Australia’s biggest and best events every year, with thousands of people pouring into this beautiful harbour city from around the country and even the world. If you are coming to Sydney for a big event, make sure that you have all your plans in order for your visit, because it can end up being quite chaotic if you aren’t prepared.

Getting There

Depending on where you are coming from, it will generally be cheapest flying into Sydney, as even the bus fares struggle to compete these days. Start watching for flights as early as possible, as you can often get really good deals if you are keeping an eye on the airline price wars.


Finding a good place to stay is a crucial part of any great trip, though if you are coming to Sydney for a big event, there will be thousands of others coming too, making good accommodation a scarce commodity. Serviced apartments in Sydney are some of your best options, as are the inner city’s higher-end hostels. Otherwise, short term accommodation in Sydney is pretty hit-and-miss, so be sure to read up on the reviews.


Depending on where you need to go, you can walk, ride, take the train, bus, monorail, taxi, ferry, or water taxi to get you around pretty much every part of this huge harbour city. If you’re planning on doing a lot of sightseeing, your cheapest options for getting around are often the day passes or weekly and monthly passes — otherwise, it can get expensive quickly. Even if you are only here for a couple of days for a big event, make a point of catching a ferry — you will be treating yourself to a truly authentic Sydney experience.


Get your tickets early, as there are over 4 million people in Sydney and events regularly sell out. If you have to line up in the middle of the night, or sell a piece of your soul to a friend to get them to line up for you, do it, as you don’t want to miss the big events. If you miss out on getting a ticket in the initial release, keep your eye on websites like Gumtree, as there are sure to be people reselling tickets.

Eating free

If buying tickets to the event used up the last of your money, don’t worry, as you can eat for free in Sydney if you know where to look. The Hare Krishna Movement often serve free food in their community temples at least once a week, and an organisation called Food Not Bombs sporadically serves free food in various inner city locations. Your best bet is to check out the latest from both groups online before you come.

Travelling to Sydney for a big event can be one of the highlights of your year, but only if you are prepared. Like all big cities, Sydney will chew you up and spit you out if you aren’t careful, so come ready if you want your visit to be full of nothing but the good stuff.

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