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Accommodation Options Tips

4 Tips when the In-laws Come to Stay

You’ve got a decent relationship with the in-laws, even still you’ve only had to be in their presence for a few hours at a time. But since they’ve moved away their visits are now for lengthy periods of time and this time it’s a good few weeks before you’ll have your sofa all to yourselves again. Never fear, we’ve got some great tips for ensuring you get through their visit without any unpleasantries. From booking them a surprise few nights mid way through at one of the deluxe serviced apartments Sydney has to offer, to ensuring you all have your own space, we’ve got the tips no fearful daughter or son in law should miss:

Everyone needs their space

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3 of the Best Accommodation Options for the Business Traveller

When you are travelling for business, your accommodation is important. Rather than demanding luxuries for the sake of pretension or greed, there are features that are important to and necessary to fulfil the needs of business travellers.

Much preparation, concentration, planning and strategising takes place wherever a business person stays and it is also vital that the accommodation chosen provides a quiet, peaceful and comfortable place to recover and re-energise before another day of business.

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Sick of Staying in Hotel Rooms? Try one of these Three Alternatives on Your Next Trip!

Hotels and motels may be the traditional mainstays of the travel industry but there are many alternatives that may better suit your needs or even spice up your holiday.

Why Should I Choose Alternative Accommodation?

For one, these alternatives could save you big bucks. Moreover, staying in a serviced apartment or a hostel may better suit your needs and requirements. For instance, if you are planning a trip to Sydney with your family and are thinking about staying for more than a week, it would make more sense to look for self-contained apartments in Sydney than hotels. Staying in an apartment gives you that extra bit of space that could make the family vacation more enjoyable. In addition, paying long-term rates instead of daily ones would definitely be kinder on your wallet. Alternatives such as bed and breakfasts and couch surfing may also inspire a sense of adventure and help you immerse in the local culture.
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