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13 Tips for Checking In To Accommodation With Young Children

Traveling with young children can be stressful at times, especially if you plan to stay in the same hotel room as your tot (or tots). That’s not to say that it can’t be done - but let’s just say that a little bit of planning goes a long way!

The key thing to remember is you’re on holidays, which means that you should be feeling relaxed and rested. So when you’re planning your trip, you and your partner should try and think of ways to maximise your down time as much as possible. This is why we suggest considering finding two bedroom or apartment hotel options when travelling.

The York by Swiss-Belhotel Sydney offer a range of deluxe apartment options for your family trip in Sydney, and each give you plenty of space to enjoy some freedom during your stay. Recently refurbished, they offer tasteful, contemporary decor and everything you and your family could possibly need. You might think you can manage your entire family in one hotel room, but you’ll be amazed at the difference a little extra space can make.

Once you’ve got your accommodation sorted, it’s time to check into your accommodation…

Tips for checking in to your accommodation with kids

1.Notify staff

If you’re bringing children with you on your stay, give staff the opportunity to prepare and say hello. Swiss-Belhotel International takes pride in employing only the friendliest of staff who’d love the chance to give your kids a smile and a wave. It also helps staff prepare for your visit, and ensure you and other guests are comfortable and enjoy an incredible experience during your stay.

2. Understand etiquette

Kids are kids, no matter where they reside in the world; they’re going to make noise, even the best behaved ones. The ship that once said “children should be seen and not heard” sailed a long time ago, and today most people openly embrace children’s laughter and chatter. However there’s specific etiquette that should come into play when staying at a hotel. This etiquette includes:

No running up and down the halls.

Using an “inside voice”, especially late at night or early in the morning.

No jumping on beds, banging on walls or slamming doors.  

3. Inspect the room

If you have a baby or small child, be sure to give the room or apartment the once-over. While care is always taken to ensure the safety of all guests, you might want to take a look for any potential hazards that might be specific to your child at their age. If you have a particularly inquisitive child, you might consider bringing with you a basic baby-proofing kit (includes items such as outlet covers, corner protectors and tape).

4. Get organised

Get yourself organised as soon as you arrive to ensure a comfortable stay. Consider asking your partner to take the kids and explore the hotel while you unpack your suitcases and settle in. Set up a station for changing nappies, set up a play area with toys, and get pajamas and toothbrushes ready so you can quickly get the kids straight off to bed in the evening.

5. Bring your own cot

If you’re worried about your little one being out of their comfort zone, consider bringing your own travel cot. If it’s new, try and get your baby familiar with it before you leave home.

6. Be flexible

Staying calm is the key to a relaxed hotel stay, so try not to get too worked up about who sleeps where, or what time they go to bed. Keep in mind this is all new to a child, which makes the experience extra exciting. Prepare yourself for a later bedtime than usual, and don’t be surprised should your child refuse to fall asleep on the first go.  

7. Keep it clean

When you’re living in a hotel room or apartment, you need to stay as organised and as tidy as possible. Mess creates chaos and chaos fuels stress, so straighten up as you go and try to get everything tucked away in draws and cupboards.

8. Latch the door

Children can be fascinated with hotel doors, and as many lock automatically it’s important to always latch the door. This is especially important if you’re sharing connecting rooms and won’t be sleeping in the same room as your kids.

9. Plug in a night light

If your child wakes in the night to go to the toilet, they may become confused about where they are. Remember to bring a night light with you and plug it in once you get to your room. As hotels can be full of strange noises from the hall and the streets below, it may also help to settle your kids..

10. Bring snacks

After a big day exploring, it’s nice to come back to your room, relax with a movie, and eat some snacks. Also, as every parent knows, kids can quickly become unpredictable or irritable when hungry. Remember to bring a variety of different foods, or if you forget you can always hit up the minibar!

11. Bring easy entertainment

A child with nothing to play with will soon drive you nuts even in a large apartment, so consider packing a small entertainment bag. When you arrive at your accommodation, set up an area to call their own and fill it with puzzles, games, books and some colouring-in tools.

12. Familiarise yourself

When checking into your accommodation, ask staff about nearby child-friendly activities and restaurants, and explore all of the facilities available. Chances are you didn’t go on holidays to hang out in your hotel room, so get to know what’s around you and ensure you don’t miss out on any fun.

13. Find a safe spot for valuables

If you’ve bought jewellery or other precious items with you, pop them in the safe or hide them from curious little fingers. While it’s tempting to keep everything out for easy access, shiny things can make attractive toys, and the last thing you want is an earring being dropped and lost behind the bed. The same goes for a toddler’s special blanket; when not in use, pop it away so cleaning staff can’t get it confused with other linen.

Staying in an inner-city apartment can be lots of fun when travelling with the kids, but remember - preparation is key to ensuring you all have the best experience possible.

13 Tips for Checking In To Accommodation With Young Children